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October 16, 2019

Whimsical Combination Of Senses

Everything else happening inside one's head is one's own interpretations.

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Oneness Versus One

It begins as Oneness but end as One.

At the start of seeking the true nature of life (existence), it appears everyone has his or her own separate life lived independent of each other, yet the seeker can feel a certain 'Oneness' with everyone despite the differences, but as the seeker progresses, he will realise, it is One without another, One that appears as many, and that is precisely where his seeking of the true nature attains accomplishment in a graceful manner. What appears earlier on as 'Oneness' due to many paths leading to the same one singular destination, now appear as 'One source' manifesting as many.  The seeker, as he tunes up himself to the world, may realise the reverse view of everything he saw until then. 

September 19, 2017

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Definitely A Fanatic

And if you try to impose your beliefs over others, expect them to follow without a question, you're most certainly a fundamentalist. And if you get this incredible urge to line up others and shoot them down, because they don't believe in what you believe, you are most clearly a budding, aspiring terrorist.

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Other Side Of Enjoyment

What's wrong if you enjoyed nature? Enjoyment brings satisfaction to oneself, that's why it's enjoyable, but when you enjoyed and felt satisfied, it's about you and not about the creator behind the nature.

Looking for every opportunity to enjoy is the hallmark of a gross and a selfish mind. You'd find them anywhere you go, who have avowed to enjoy every moment of their lives. But enjoyment has many inherent flaws that'd leave you down and out, because the satisfaction it brings is always short lived, and totally addictive like a psychedelic drug.

However, if you shifted yourself from enjoying mode to exploration mode, where neither enjoyment nor suffering possible, you'd soon end up looking for the source of such a creation. That's when your mind can expand to its fullest.

In enjoyment, mind becomes unconscious and indolent, it suffers a certain memory loss, which usually is mistaken for freedom or flashes of enlightenment. And to those who wish to argue, Can't we  enjoy something and explore its source at the same time?   Yes it is possible, you can enjoy good food and also appreciate the source (cook) on the face, but when it comes to nature, the source is hidden in itself, beyond the comprehending abilities of a mind lost in enjoyment.  

March 01, 2016

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February 24, 2016

Falling Through The Cracks

God is a totally non-organised entity, yet appears to be the most organised.  That's one reason why man fools himself by seeking god in an organised manner. Well structured rituals, festivals, prayers all at fixed times, repeated day after day, year after year, for a whole lifetime. Organised religions even decide the social, family structure, of the followers. When to eat, how to sleep, to have sex or not, whom to speak, who should be avoided, etc, and they feature prominently in such organised religions.

There's a simple way to know if your religion is organised or non-organised.  If your religion insisted that you will meet god only after your death, and only after a lifetime of religious practices, it has to be an organised religion. But if your religion tells, you can realise god right away, it can't be an organised religion, because you can't organise yourself for something that's already happening in this moment.

February 23, 2016

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February 19, 2016

Being The Same Person

Equality and equanimity may sound similar to each other, but far removed from each other in context and meaning, equanimity is totally subjective, while equality is highly objective.

There is no equality in the world possible, where everyone living equally, having equal beliefs, rights and equal devotion to the same god. Though sounds like a dream that most peacemakers of the world would want to go to sleep with, yet for all practical reasons, such equality may never work.

Trouble with logic of equality is, even thieves, rogues, terrorists can get away from facing consequences of their actions, since god can be imposed on them too.

Whereas equanimity springs from the realization, god is inherently present in everything, even if everything appear externally different from each other. While dealing with the external differences for what they are, treating a terrorist like a terrorist, a taxpayer like a taxpayer, yet to remain equanimous under all circumstances is the obvious way of the wise and the venerated.

February 18, 2016

Most Sacred Of All

Upanishads declare this universe to be a projection by god. They further explain, creation and destruction of the world are projections by the same god. And this world is only a temporary phenomenon as projected by god and human lives are part of such a projection.

But the twist here is that human beings can project as well. They have a lot of projections going on about god, since the beginning of humanity.  God projects the human beings and in turn human beings project god. Its like a boy who was sleeping and dreaming of a girl who was also sleeping and dreaming but of another boy.

While universe is a god's project, god seem to be the project of human beings. While original god has no conflicts with its own projection, human beings have nothing but conflicts between all their projected gods and religions. Can god help its own projection, to stop from further projection ?

February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Only Reality There Is

It never stopped changing, yet it never repeats, it always comes up with something new, yet makes itself appear like something familiar and repetitive, that's how life can be defined. Human mind wants permanence for this reason, that it knows everything is passing away, into memory bytes. Hence, it seeks permanence in life with a job, business, house, money, food and family.

Mind also can trick itself into permanence by doing things repetitively, doing same things at the same time in a clockwork precision, hoping to find permanence in such repetition. That's how people end up working on time tables right from their school days. The time table gives an impression of being in control of everything, and such a control also brings a sense of permanence. Can it be true ?

Is life capable of providing permanence ?  The instant answer is NO, because life is permanently changing all the time. Life cannot provide permanence because life itself is impermanent. But it thrive on its impermanence. Both by creating and dissolving itself in the same moment.

Life creates itself as future and dissolves as past and somewhere in the middle, in the center, in the present moment, it remains as permanent existence. Comprehension of such existence in the moment brings home a clear sense of permanence to the seeker.

February 13, 2016

Requiem Of The Gullible

How would you know if your religion is the right one to 
follow ? Consider the questions below. 

1. Does your religion allow you to quit and choose any other religion ?
2. Does your religion allow each member of your family to follow any religion of their choice ?
3. Does your religion allow you to pray only when you wished and not in fixed times ?
4. Does your religion allow you to raise questions and even criticise blind following?
5. Does your religion leave you to face the consequences of your own actions ?

If your replies are in the positive, you are indeed following the right religion.

Now consider few more questions.

1. Does your religion insist, other religions are fake ?
2. Does your religion demand absolute submission ?
3. Does your religion warn you with eternal hell and entice you with whimsical paradise ?
4. Does the god of your religion get offended/miffed/revengeful, if you did not follow ?
5. Does your god warn you of a judgement day for all your earthly actions ?

If your replies are in the positive, you are most certainly gullible and lost in abysmal darkness.

February 11, 2016

February 09, 2016

Idea About The Moment

 "I remember the time when I was innocent, young and asked you how do you control yourself when you are surrounded by beautiful women".

The women you talk about, will be happy to know this piece of compliment even after eighteen years now. They still remain beautiful and busy with their lives.

 "Swamiji there is a idea about this moment which I became aware of through you". 

This moment can't be an idea. But ideas about future lingering in the moment can make it look like one.  What you see now in the moment cannot be an idea, what you want to do in future with what you undergo now are the 'ideas' you generate. Moreover, you can ideate only about the future and not the moment you are in just now.

Folks usually have 'no idea' about the moment, because the moment is not an idea.

February 07, 2016

It's Always About You

You are the central theme of your life as you live through your many roles each day, pretentiously at times and pretty seriously at other times.

God is never the central theme, even for the most righteous and religious ones - much to your relief. Their submission, loyalty and devotion to god is more significant to them than god itself.  They create endless stories and folklores of god only to make themselves happy.

Post enlightenment, 'you' will remain intact, because there has to be someone who 'got enlightened' and has to claim such an enlightenment.  None can claim your enlightenment except yourself and you have to be there for it.

February 05, 2016

February 02, 2016

The One Last Step

Whenever mind is quiet, coming to grip with oneself may appear easy. Usually that's when you get restless and resort to do something. That's because the quietness makes you aware of what is there in the moment and what is missing too.

In trying to capture what is missing, you end up missing what is already there too.  But in those quiet moments, even if something is missing, instead of searching for it, if you remained totally in the moment, with whatever is happening, what was missed earlier will begin to unfold from within, from where you are, in the same moment.

January 31, 2016

Idea Behind The Art

What you conceive in your mind is just a plain idea, but when you conveyed it to others, it becomes an art. Whether it's a good or bad art depends on how well you conveyed to others.

January 27, 2016

To Be Subtle Is

A gross mind is highly divisive, spoken in a spiritual parlance, divisions are the real impurities one can find for oneself. Among several divisions a gross mind can fabricate, the worst of them is division within one's mind, as a shattered, disintegrated, loathsome, ignorant, individual. It's a status one creates for oneself and nothing from outside world can impose it.

The entire spiritual journey is the distance covered from a gross mind turning to a subtle mind. The subtle most point is where every single, fabricated, mind-made division, vanish from the vicinity of mind, a mind that is now more appropriately called a purified mind.

In the absence of such impurities, a subtle mind is complete and thereby is pure, such a pure mind is fully conscious and a fully conscious mind is consciousness itself.