March 04, 2016

Other Side Of Enjoyment

What's wrong if you enjoyed nature? Enjoyment brings satisfaction to oneself, that's why it's enjoyable, but when you enjoyed and felt satisfied, it's about you and not about the creator behind the nature.

Looking for every opportunity to enjoy is the hallmark of a gross and a selfish mind. You'd find them anywhere you go, who have avowed to enjoy every moment of their lives. But enjoyment has many inherent flaws that'd leave you down and out, because the satisfaction it brings is always short lived, and totally addictive like a psychedelic drug.

However, if you shifted yourself from enjoying mode to exploration mode, where neither enjoyment nor suffering possible, you'd soon end up looking for the source of such a creation. That's when your mind can expand to its fullest.

In enjoyment, mind becomes unconscious and indolent, it suffers a certain memory loss, which usually is mistaken for freedom or flashes of enlightenment. And to those who wish to argue, Can't we  enjoy something and explore its source at the same time?   Yes it is possible, you can enjoy good food and also appreciate the source (cook) on the face, but when it comes to nature, the source is hidden in itself, beyond the comprehending abilities of a mind lost in enjoyment.