February 15, 2016

Only Reality There Is

It never stopped changing, yet it never repeats, it always comes up with something new, yet makes itself appear like something familiar and repetitive, that's how life can be defined. Human mind wants permanence for this reason, that it knows everything is passing away, into memory bytes. Hence, it seeks permanence in life with a job, business, house, money, food and family.

Mind also can trick itself into permanence by doing things repetitively, doing same things at the same time in a clockwork precision, hoping to find permanence in such repetition. That's how people end up working on time tables right from their school days. The time table gives an impression of being in control of everything, and such a control also brings a sense of permanence. Can it be true ?

Is life capable of providing permanence ?  The instant answer is NO, because life is permanently changing all the time. Life cannot provide permanence because life itself is impermanent. But it thrive on its impermanence. Both by creating and dissolving itself in the same moment.

Life creates itself as future and dissolves as past and somewhere in the middle, in the center, in the present moment, it remains as permanent existence. Comprehension of such existence in the moment brings home a clear sense of permanence to the seeker.