February 09, 2016

Idea About The Moment

 "I remember the time when I was innocent, young and asked you how do you control yourself when you are surrounded by beautiful women".

The women you talk about, will be happy to know this piece of compliment even after eighteen years now. They still remain beautiful and busy with their lives.

 "Swamiji there is a idea about this moment which I became aware of through you". 

This moment can't be an idea. But ideas about future lingering in the moment can make it look like one.  What you see now in the moment cannot be an idea, what you want to do in future with what you undergo now are the 'ideas' you generate. Moreover, you can ideate only about the future and not the moment you are in just now.

Folks usually have 'no idea' about the moment, because the moment is not an idea.