February 24, 2016

Falling Through The Cracks

God is a totally non-organised entity, yet appears to be the most organised.  That's one reason why man fools himself by seeking god in an organised manner. Well structured rituals, festivals, prayers all at fixed times, repeated day after day, year after year, for a whole lifetime. Organised religions even decide the social, family structure, of the followers. When to eat, how to sleep, to have sex or not, whom to speak, who should be avoided, etc, and they feature prominently in such organised religions.

There's a simple way to know if your religion is organised or non-organised.  If your religion insisted that you will meet god only after your death, and only after a lifetime of religious practices, it has to be an organised religion. But if your religion tells, you can realise god right away, it can't be an organised religion, because you can't organise yourself for something that's already happening in this moment.