February 19, 2016

Being The Same Person

Equality and equanimity may sound similar to each other, but far removed from each other in context and meaning, equanimity is totally subjective, while equality is highly objective.

There is no equality in the world possible, where everyone living equally, having equal beliefs, rights and equal devotion to the same god. Though sounds like a dream that most peacemakers of the world would want to go to sleep with, yet for all practical reasons, such equality may never work.

Trouble with logic of equality is, even thieves, rogues, terrorists can get away from facing consequences of their actions, since god can be imposed on them too.

Whereas equanimity springs from the realization, god is inherently present in everything, even if everything appear externally different from each other. While dealing with the external differences for what they are, treating a terrorist like a terrorist, a taxpayer like a taxpayer, yet to remain equanimous under all circumstances is the obvious way of the wise and the venerated.