August 09, 2015

Vishnu Wants An Exchange

Vishnu is essentially the protector and sustainer of life. He has no need for destructive weapons, because he has no enemies to fight. Shiva too has no enemies to fight, but he can nuke the whole universe at will, if he desire so. That's his exclusive line of action. In short, whatever destruction or death happening, in the physical and mental realms, anywhere in the universe, is named Shiva. It could be death of a person, destruction of a place or end of an idea inside your head, Shiva shines in his complete glory through destructions. But wherever life is brimming, is named Vishnu.  If there is a doubt alive inside your head, it's by Vishnu, if doubt ended, it's Shiva. You can never tell between them, who is good and who is bad. They are obviously beyond good and bad. 

If Vishnu has a human form, he has to eat like human too.  How's that possible with the baggage he is carrying ? No wonder Vishnu wanted to give away the fearsome Chakra to free his hand for eating purpose.