August 09, 2015

Biggest Risk In Life

To be in the moment is the biggest risk one can take. Such a risk comes built-in with the moment. It is for this exact reason, human mind chooses to jump forward and backward in time seeking security, assurance and protection from any possible risk in the moment and for rest of the living years. 

Why it is the riskiest to be in the moment ?  With no concrete future plans, unarmed with the wherewithal to execute any plan, but to face every moment as it unfolds, respond to them in an responsible manner, clueless about the outcomes, yet ready to go where life takes you, to face the consequences life throws at you without running away, is why it is the riskiest. To be in the moment is like you are on a blind date with existence forever. Most risky because it is the most unprecedented. 

So what's the fun to be in the moment ?  Like poster boy of the Facebook famously said, "world is changing really quick" (quite a discovery that), it is fun to be in the moment where all the changes take place. He'd agree, the risks he took in his life always were just in nick of the moment.