June 10, 2015

Stumbling Before Self-Realization

Classic Bollywood touch to a 'mystical misnomer' called God. Pitching 'God' against you with a romantic twist. 

If the quote should have been rephrased, "When you suddenly find God everywhere, in everyone, in everything, divine romance realization has begun",  probably would make more sense.  

Hindu Gods and Goddesses may bless you to find the best and simple way to reach your desired goal and it's easy to please them with a song or two or some leaves and fruits to extract blessings. Islamic monarchical male God is inapproachable, you can praise and seek mercy but no personal tête-à-tête, not in this life time, may be after death, at the barbecue grill, in the burning hell, obviously so, by then you would have lost hopes of meeting God. So it's totally biblical to describe God as He, a male God, who walks and talks, even gives a piggy back ride, besides guiding you, like this person, appeasing an audience, primarily Euro-American Christian, with the concept of an self resembling, romantic God walking and talking in the fantasy land, guiding everyone to self realisation delusion.

( Pic at Denver USA, 1931).
On one hand create humans, on the other hand romantically involve with same humans, well done, God. 

God does not have the
time or the space to talk to anyone, including you. God enables you to talk and listen, but you talk to God or God talk to you, -except for abstract poetic reasons, either way it's insanity, a mental disorientation, a stumbling block en route self realisation.