April 24, 2015

Angst Of The Anonymous

Look what happened, oh Adiguru !
your profound teachings
found dust gathered.

Look what happened, oh Adiyogi !
your rejuvenating postures
at market being sold.

Look what happened, oh Muni !
much of your wisdom in
time were ravaged.

Look what happened, oh Rishi !
your palm leaves misplaced
for not being signed.

Look what happened, oh Sadhu !
the peace you provided us
couldn't be preserved.

Look what happened, oh Sant !
songs of devotion you sang
are being copyrighted.

Look what happened, oh Gnani !
your cut and dry teachings
are now being frilled.

Look what happened, oh Mahant !
your intonations were lost,
can't be reproduced.

Look what happened, oh Valmiki !
your incarnated hero's very
birth is questioned.

Look what happened, oh Vyasa !
the blue boy of brindavan's
antiquity is doubted.

Look what happened, oh Vatsyayana !
your sacred art of intimacy,
in public being traded.

Look what happened, oh Avaduta !
your wandering social status
is now being debated.

Look what happened, oh Avatara !
impostors and frauds misuse
thy name to be glorified.

Look what is happening, oh Guru !
without any corruption will
truth ever be imparted ?

Look what is happening, oh Swami  !
when jihadist wage a holy war
will you be prepared?

Look what is happening, oh Acharya !
to teach without any distortion
are you truly committed ?

Look what is happening, oh Sadhaka !
would you go beyond practices
without getting bound ?

Look what is happening, oh Mumukshu !
would you know the reality before
your soul being harvested?